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Meet The Mendibles’ - Life During Covid

March 4, 2021

Nick and Errin Mendibles sit down with us to talk about life during Covid.

Errin was diagnosed with Covid in January. She also is a type 1 diabetic which made her situation more difficult. Errin works for a museum and enjoys the social connection her job affords. Her husband Nick, is a recruiter and prefers to work from home. Their daughter Isabella goes to school virtually but prefers to be in class with her teachers and friends. Their son Nicolas goes to college but the college life is not the same during this pandemic.

Their story is similar to many who face the same challenges of time, family, work and mental wellness. Having to adapt to a new reality can be challenging, but when a family is focused and willing to work together, those challenges can be won.

Errin and Nick talk candidly about their situation. What adjustments they've had to make and what the future holds. Because of their career experiences, they also share how leadership and company culture have changed in the past year.

This is one episode all families need to hear and be inspired from.

Stay Amazing!

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