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Episode 27: Growth Leadership In Music & Business with Jesse Pineda

February 18, 2021

To be a great leader you need the confidence to grow and pivot no matter what life throws at you. Jesse Pineda is a musician who's music career includes his family. Hea nd his family started playing Tejano music in their home state of Texas. Noticing that their demographic was changing, they decided to switch to country music with the Jesse Colt Band. Unfortunately, 2020 hit and put the brakes on their career, for now.

Jesse also has a background in insurance as his father had his own agency. With an amazing leader like Kimi Donahue and the rest of the team at Stratton Everything Insurance encouraging him to grow, Jesse feels inspired about his career. Those transitions from one career to another, moving to a different city, temporary setbacks in a career you love build your character to become a leader.

The Jesse Colt Band hope to release an album later this year. For now, check out their song "Love Dance",  And on all the streaming platforms as well as Facebook

For all your insurance needs, contact Jesse and the team at Stratton Everything Insurance:

Also be sure to check out our conversation with Kimi Donahue, on leadership, company culture and much more:


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