The Stay Amazing Show

Episode 9: Liza Carbe & JP Durand

July 23, 2020

Life as a musician is uncertain during this virus crisis. Add to that all the other business, political and cultural changes, it’s easy to forget some basics all artists need to know. We sat down with musicians Liza Carbe and JP Durand to discuss these weird times , their projects and their just released book - "Thrive and Survive In the Music Business". It covers valuable information on being self sufficient for touring, royalties, production, legalities and more. All written by musicians who live it every day!

In this very informative conversation, Liza and JP offer practical advice and strategies not only for musicians but for entrepreneurs as they try to negotiate their industries during this time. The paradigm of the music industry is changing rapidly and Liza & JP are trying to help musicians navigate it.

We also dive into the California AB5 disaster, the Corona Virus affect on musicians, the Live Nation/Ticketmaster situation, social media's importance and their projects including writing music for movies, television, games and original music for their band Incendio.

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