The Stay Amazing Show

Episode 30: Mentoring Young Men with Michael Brasher

March 11, 2021

Many young men are growing up without a significant adult male role model or mentor in their lives. There can be a lack of love, attention and direction as they become older. What is needed is guidance as they journey through manhood.

Michael Brasher is the Executive Director for the Non-Profit Organization, Boys To Men Tucson. Their mission is to recruit, train, and empower communities of men to mentor teenage boys through on-site circles, adventure outings, and contemporary rites of passage. It's a program that is life changing for both the mentors and the young men.

Mentoring helps bring out the greatness and strength in the young men that are part of the program. We discuss what it takes to be a mentor. There is a twenty six week training program for the mentors where they open up about their upbringing and values. Then they join a group of young men in a weekly group circle and share their experiences and advice. It's all about serving the community.

In this in depth conversation, Michael details the challenges, the solutions, the successes and the future of the program. For more information on how you can get involved, check out their website:


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