The Stay Amazing Show

Episode 3: Resilience, Faith & Leadership with David Carranza

February 6, 2020


You never know what life can throw at you and change the direction of your life. Our guest, David Carranza, besides being a business owner and Economic Development Consultant, has played organized baseball his whole life. Recently after a tournament, he felt ill and went home. Then, for the next three weeks, he lay in an ICU hospital bed. At times with a 104 degree temperature! Doctors unsure what to make of his condition. But through faith, family and his Amazing persistence, David survived.⠀

This experience has not stopped him from pursuing his passion and commitment to himself, his clients and his family. He continues to work hard to better himself physically and mentally. David is the epitome of a leader who says, "I'm better than this. I Am Amazing." ⠀

Visit David's website for more about his qualifications and life.

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