The Stay Amazing Show

Episode 28: NYC Chancellor of Education Richard Carranza

February 25, 2021

"I Work For the Kids!"

Richard Carranza has been a leader and innovator in education for over 30 years. His vision and ability to pull teams together for the benefit of the students is what makes him amazing. As the Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, his responsibility is to insure that the over one million students in his district get the education opportunities they deserve.

New York City was the epicenter of the Covid crisis last year. Richard had the vision and leadership skills to quickly gathered a team to coordinate the effort to deal with the school shutdowns and the students well being. He was able to secure over 500,000 I-Pads for students to learn from home. He toured the schools to see what could be done to allow in class studies as well as remote sessions. He started the "Parents University" program. He championed personal development training for teachers so they could handle the challenges of the new teaching experience.

Richard also shares the importance of music and arts in the schools. His background in forming a high school Mariachi program in Tucson, Arizona that now has expanded nationwide is something he is extremely proud of. And how by starting that program, as a teacher, lead him to become an administrator.

We encourage all educators, administrators, politicians to listen closely to the ideas Richard describes here. If you really care about your students and the future of education, we think you'll find plenty to consider during the hour plus conversation.


Stay Amazing!

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