The Stay Amazing Show

Episode 25 - Kimi Donahue

January 28, 2021

Kimi Donahue is Fearless. It's what drives her to take on challenges head on and achieve.

It's also what makes her a leader. A leader who inspires, develops lasting relationships and is capable of creating an environment of cooperation and success.

Kimi Donahue loves challenges. Whether it's motorcycle racing, shooting competitions, playing music, growing her insurance agency and team, dealing with Tourette syndrome or being a single mom, Kimi is committed always.

Kimi has done all this and more and has the drive and confidence to accomplish much more in the future. She is a force that motivates those around her and  encourages them to develop their true potential. Her agency Stratton Everything Insurance is currently in nine states and growing. She leads a team who see her as a role model and are dedicated to give their clients the best service possible.

Challenges are opportunities to learn, grow and achieve. Kimi does that quite well.

Learn more about her agency here:

And follow Kimi on all the socials.


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