The Stay Amazing Show

Episode 22 - Shannon Wallace of Music, Movement and Memory

December 10, 2020

Shannon Wallace is a singer, advocate and humanitarian. She is using her talents and compassion to help those with dementia and cognitive impairment. The Music, Movement and Memory program is a virtual workshop designed to exercise the body and mind. It is a series of videos that have Shannon singing songs that dementia patients recognize and at the same time guides them through some basic movement exercises.

The program has been well received in Arizona, thanks to support from AARP Arizona, the Barrow Neurological Institute and other sponsors. Shannon now is taking the program nationwide with great success. Her hopes is to one day extend the workshops to other countries.

In this episode we also discuss last years trip to China as part of a grant from The World Academy For the Future of Women. And with over 25 years in the music industry, Shannon gives us her thoughts on the state of music and musicians during this virus era.

To learn more about her workshop and to support her mission visit:

To learn more about Shannon see her website:


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