The Stay Amazing Show

Episode 18 - Reuben Carranza - CEO Of Kate Somerville Skin Care

October 29, 2020

Reuben Carranza is highly respected in the beauty industry. His leadership skills, vision and drive has helped companies like Proctor & Gamble, Wella Professionals, Olaplex, and now the iconic Kate Somerville Skin Care line exceed sales expectations and expand to other countries.

In this exclusive one hour conversation, Reuben talks about how Kate Somerville and the industry has pivoted, especially when dealing with Covid. How his musical background has helped him in business, his parents influence, creating and sustaining a company culture, the importance of being a mentor, leadership skills and much more.

Reuben gives Amazing practical value that all business owners, entrepreneurs and beauty industry professionals need to hear.

Plus, Reuben also gives us details of a special "Black Friday" sale on Kate Somerville products! (At about the 58:00 minute mark...)

Warning: There are some  "F-Bombs" thrown about throughout the conversation....


Stay Amazing!

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