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Episode 17 - Trauma Survivor and Author Audra Rene Weeks

October 22, 2020

In this very powerful and intense conversation, Audra Rene Weeks bravely discusses the details of her new book - "Moving Mountains. A Hero's Journey". Audra has experienced more than her share of very difficult episodes in her life including a family members suicide, attempted molestation, rape, an attempt on her life and more.

But Audra showed strength and is a survivor. She talks about her intense healing journey, how writing this book is her life's purpose and how the book can help others who are facing trauma in their lives. She speaks about cognitive therapy, energy healing and about the power of "Collateral Beauty".

While many of these topics may be hard to discuss, Audra handles it openly and with great detail in her book. We highly recommend you get a copy and share with anyone you feel is going through any traumatic episodes. Especially during these times! Get your copy on Amazon here:

Remember you are not alone. There is always someone to help and support you. Reach out.

"Nothing happens when people are being quiet" - Audra Rene Weeks

You can learn more about Audra on her website:


Stay Amazing!

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