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Episode 15 - Financial Advice with Dean Greenberg of Greenberg Financial

October 1, 2020

If you're concerned and confused about the future of the country and your own financial future, this episode is for you!

Dean Greenberg, president of Greeenberg Financial Group, has been managing his clients financial growth planning for over 30 years. Dean also hosts the "Money Matters" radio show on KNST 790 in Tucson. In this in depth, no nonsense conversation, Dean shares his thoughts on investing, retirement planning, the Federal Reserve, the effect of Covid on the economy, how this next election will affect the markets and the future of money management. We also discuss the media and it's influence on culture and politics.

Agree or disagree with Dean's opinions, this episode will make you think about your financial situation and the current social and political direction.

Besides serving his clients with their financial planning, Dean volunteers as a mentor to young men preparing them for a future of gratitude, exploring opportunities and success.

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