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Episode 14 - Mel Greenberg - Author of “Running With Our Eyes Closed”

September 24, 2020

What happens to a couple when all their children leave home and they become "empty nesters"?

What will they discover about themselves during this time?

In Mel Greenberg's amazing novel, "Running With Our Eyes Closed", she explores what happens to the relationship of her two main characters, Samantha and Michael and what comes next. As we talk about in this episode, this is a great book that not only women will enjoy, but couples as well. Especially if you are or approaching the "empty nest" phase of your life. And we touch on what the reaction as been to the book from women and her family.

Plus, Mel talks candidly about her mother's and her own experiences with cancer. Mel is also a mentor to women authors and through her company, Mel Media, helps them get their ideas published. You can learn more about Mel through her website:

"Running With Our Eyes Closed" is available on Amazon, Good Reads and other Amazing bookstores.


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