The Stay Amazing Show

Episode 13 - Speaker, Master Storyteller and Trainer Doug Stevenson

September 18, 2020

How many times have you thought, "I have a great story but I don't know what to do with it?"

Or "How can I communicate better on Zoom so my audience knows what I'm trying to say?"

Doug Stevenson has been working with companies and individuals around the world to help them craft their compelling story and communicate better with their customers. He has worked with TED Talk speakers and has given some of his own. His agency - Story Theater International and Doug's book - "Story Telling Method-Strategic Story Telling for Business" offers a ton of valuable resources and trainings for anyone wanting to become more Amazing in their presentation style. You can also search out Doug's videos on YouTube to see how he interacts with his audience through storytelling.

In this episode Doug gives a ton of advice on how to be an Amazing speaker and shares his opinion on some of the world's most noteworthy speakers. People like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Simon Sinek, Oprah, Brene Brown and even Donald Trump! (yikes)

If you're in business, an entertainer, an aspiring speaker, a teacher or someone who has a great story but can't decide what to do with it, you'll enjoy this conversation. You can find Doug on his website : . If you got some value from this episode, send Doug an email and let him know. [email protected]


Stay Amazing!

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