The Stay Amazing Show

Episode 11: Author, Auctiontainer, Mentor - Letitia Frye

September 3, 2020

In this inspiring, serious but fun conversation, our guest Letitia Frye discusses her new book "No Reserve' as well as her career as an "Auctiontainer". A title Alice Cooper gave her after seeing her commanding the stage like a rock star at one of his fund raising events. Letitia has helped raise over $500 million dollars for charities she commits her time and efforts to.

Her book is a road map, a journal, on how to live a life even when you are faced with obstacles and heartbreak. We discuss the importance of writing down your intentions and acting on them. Her experiences of seeing two loved ones take their lives. The importance of being a mentor and how that can change people and the world. Her accident on Thanksgiving day 2014 that changed her life. How to identify opportunities and run with it. And why "Great things come from Ouch."

Oh, we also talk about the "scandalous" kiss with Johnny Depp and who would play her in a movie.

"No Reserve" is a book full of amazing stories and inspiration that you'll read over and over again. Purchase it through Amazon or wherever great books are sold. Visit her website and keep up with Letitia and her career. -

NOTE: Huge thanks to Heather and Mike at the Hilton Garden In in North Scottsdale for letting us use their facilities to record this episode. It was a pleasure working with you.

Stay Amazing!

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