The Stay Amazing Show

Episode 10: Musician/Entertainment Attorney - Miss Krystle

August 27, 2020

Extraordinary singer/songwriter Miss Krystle is also an accomplished Entertainment Attorney and musician. She has written an incredible resource for all musicians and entertainers, "How To Keep Your Dukes Up In the Music Business". It features sample contracts and agreements and a vast amount of information on branding, marketing, royalties, negotiations and more that every musician can use to navigate their career.

Miss Krystle also has a new album dropping in September. The lead single "Dangerous Daughters" is out now. A piano version of the song will be released on September 6th. The music and videos she and her partner That Orko produce are expressive and dark. She calls it "AggroPop".

We talks about the book, her career and what musicians can do to prepare their careers during and after this health crisis is over. You can find out more about Miss Krystle on her website: and follow her on all the socials - @MissKrystleLive

You can purchase her book on Amazon and you can contact her through her law firm at

Stay Amazing!

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