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Episode 18 - Reuben Carranza - CEO Of Kate Somerville Skin Care

Episode 18 - Reuben Carranza - CEO Of Kate Somerville Skin Care

October 29, 2020

Reuben Carranza is highly respected in the beauty industry. His leadership skills, vision and drive has helped companies like Proctor & Gamble, Wella Professionals, Olaplex, and now the iconic Kate Somerville Skin Care line exceed sales expectations and expand to other countries.

In this exclusive one hour conversation, Reuben talks about how Kate Somerville and the industry has pivoted, especially when dealing with Covid. How his musical background has helped him in business, his parents influence, creating and sustaining a company culture, the importance of being a mentor, leadership skills and much more.

Reuben gives Amazing practical value that all business owners, entrepreneurs and beauty industry professionals need to hear.

Plus, Reuben also gives us details of a special "Black Friday" sale on Kate Somerville products! (At about the 58:00 minute mark...)

Warning: There are some  "F-Bombs" thrown about throughout the conversation....


Stay Amazing!

Episode 17 - Trauma Survivor and Author Audra Rene Weeks

Episode 17 - Trauma Survivor and Author Audra Rene Weeks

October 22, 2020

In this very powerful and intense conversation, Audra Rene Weeks bravely discusses the details of her new book - "Moving Mountains. A Hero's Journey". Audra has experienced more than her share of very difficult episodes in her life including a family members suicide, attempted molestation, rape, an attempt on her life and more.

But Audra showed strength and is a survivor. She talks about her intense healing journey, how writing this book is her life's purpose and how the book can help others who are facing trauma in their lives. She speaks about cognitive therapy, energy healing and about the power of "Collateral Beauty".

While many of these topics may be hard to discuss, Audra handles it openly and with great detail in her book. We highly recommend you get a copy and share with anyone you feel is going through any traumatic episodes. Especially during these times! Get your copy on Amazon here:

Remember you are not alone. There is always someone to help and support you. Reach out.

"Nothing happens when people are being quiet" - Audra Rene Weeks

You can learn more about Audra on her website:


Stay Amazing!

Episode 16 - Rene Camacho - Bassist, Arranger, Educator

Episode 16 - Rene Camacho - Bassist, Arranger, Educator

October 8, 2020

Rene Camacho is a prolific musician who has recorded and toured the world with many of the industry's most influential artists. Artists like Kevin Eubanks, Linda Ronstadt, Oscar Hernandez, Juan Gabriel, The Pointer Sisters, Ry Cooder, Poncho Sanchez, Draco Rosa, WAR, Carol Welsman, Michael Buble, Conganas, the Disney Channel and five years as bassist for The Queen Of Salsa, Celia Cruz. Recently he participated in the recording of Grammy nominated albums by Poncho Sanchez and Draco Rosa.

In this episode we talk about his career, the recent passing of Eddie Van Halen and Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power), his musical influences, what it's like to be a musician in 2020 and what adjustments you have to make moving from a small market to a larger market. Rene also shares what musicians and entrepreneurs need to know about networking, "the Hang", respect, being humble, and what living the freelancer lifestyle has taught him.

Rene is based in Los Angeles and curates and teaches clinics and master classes for Bass as well as comprehensive studies of Latin Music with emphasis on Latin Rhythms from North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

Learn more about Rene and all his accomplishments on his website:


Stay Amazing !

Episode 15 - Financial Advice with Dean Greenberg of Greenberg Financial

Episode 15 - Financial Advice with Dean Greenberg of Greenberg Financial

October 1, 2020

If you're concerned and confused about the future of the country and your own financial future, this episode is for you!

Dean Greenberg, president of Greeenberg Financial Group, has been managing his clients financial growth planning for over 30 years. Dean also hosts the "Money Matters" radio show on KNST 790 in Tucson. In this in depth, no nonsense conversation, Dean shares his thoughts on investing, retirement planning, the Federal Reserve, the effect of Covid on the economy, how this next election will affect the markets and the future of money management. We also discuss the media and it's influence on culture and politics.

Agree or disagree with Dean's opinions, this episode will make you think about your financial situation and the current social and political direction.

Besides serving his clients with their financial planning, Dean volunteers as a mentor to young men preparing them for a future of gratitude, exploring opportunities and success.

Learn more about Greenberg Financial at

Stay Amazing!

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