The Stay Amazing Show
Episode 7: Renee Bailey

Episode 7: Renee Bailey

March 5, 2020

Education is essential if you want to Stay Amazing! Knowing what you want to make of your life and having the support of your parents, is key to finding the right college and courses for your career.

Renee Bailey is an education / student advocate and a keynote speaker. Renee has been involved in education her entire life. From sleeping in a dorm room floor as a child while her mother attended college, to getting her multiple degrees, to now guiding students making the transition from high school to college. Her life experiences in education give her the knowledge in understanding what students go through with today's social, financial and academic transitions.

We discuss the mindset students have to go through, the culture shock and finding "your people" when going into a new school. Renee also talks about the life skills all students need to know in college. We also talk about the future of education, how education, knowledge and street smarts combine to give students a full knowledge base and more.

Renee's keynotes are designed to give students the right information so they can enjoy the college experience. To help them stress less and achieve more. Visit Renee's website: for more information and how to book Renee as a speaker.

Stay Amazing!

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