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Episode 2: Fitness & Momentum with Melanie Black of The Nerd Gym

Episode 2: Fitness & Momentum with Melanie Black of The Nerd Gym

January 30, 2020

Many of us make New Year Resolutions to get back in shape, lose weight, eat better. But we may not have the encouragement to continue after a few weeks. In order for any of us to do Amazing things and have a fulfilling Amazing life, we need to listen to our bodies, feed it properly, do the work to have the energy and commit to a better lifestyle.

Melanie Black is the owner of The Nerd Gym in Tucson and a huge fitness advocate. At the age of 26, she was in worse shape of her life, with two children, with constant pain and severe panic attacks. She committed to her health and joined a gym. She lost 100 lbs in one year and cured her health issues. She then decided to help others by becoming a personal trainer. After some experiences at various gyms, she discovered how hostile they were to beginners, women and the LGBT+ communities. In 2011, she opened The Nerd Gym to be an inclusive, open community for those seeking better health.

In this conversation, Melanie offers a ton of great insight for everyone who wants to keep their bodies and mindset at their full potential, through momentum and understanding the clients needs. Let's Stay Fit, Let's Stay Amazing!!

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Episode 1: Ricardo Luis Canez Introduces The Stay Amazing Show

Episode 1: Ricardo Luis Canez Introduces The Stay Amazing Show

January 23, 2020

Every one of you is Amazing. Sometimes, your "amazingness" is buried deep inside you and needs to be brought out. We all have the potential to live amazing lives, to accomplish our dreams and influence others. If we'd only allow ourselves to do so.

What makes us Amazing? It's the will to be persistent and dedicated. To share our knowledge and life's lessons with the world. To have the leadership qualities that make everyone around us better. To live a life of service and integrity. To embrace our potential and grow as a human and #StayAmazing !

This show features #amazing individuals who have overcome challenges and have created new lives for themselves and in turn, inspire you to live your own Amazing lives. Each story powerful. Each guest great storytellers.

This first episode is a short description of who, your host, Ricardo is, what to expect from future shows and why "Amazing" is such an powerful word. Future episodes will go live every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Podbean. Just search for "The Stay Amazing Show". Follow us on Instagram: @TheStayAmazingShow


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