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Episode 52: Multi Talented Musician Beatriz Macias

Episode 52: Multi Talented Musician Beatriz Macias

September 16, 2021

Our 'Amazing Women In Music' Series continues with talented flutist, opera singer and Artistic Director of the Tampare Flute Festival, Beatriz Macias.

Beatriz shares how the support of her parents inspired her to pursue music as a career early in her life. By four she was learning piano. By ten her teachers noticed the vocal talent she possessed. In school she was introduced and feel in love with the flute and by eighteen, was impressing audiences in various flute competitions. Beatriz's flawless and dramatic style of playing soon emerged. She then went on to earn her Bachelor of Music degree from the Boston Conservatory of Music.

She then continued her classical music studies in Europe and began performing both on the flute and as a soprano opera singer. And even though she has had to change her style slightly, Beatriz has performed with many of Europe's best musicians and orchestras. Now living in Finland, this Latina from Texas has achieved success and accolades through her dramatic performances, distinctive style and persistence.

Beatriz founded and is the Artistic Director for the annual Tampare Flute Festival in Finland. Beatriz also teaches and is committed to highlighting the talents of the next generation young musicians. "Being you will open a lot of doors. Be versatile."

Beatriz Macias is bold, talented, connected and willing to take on challenges to make her music and ideas come to life.

Learn more on her website:

Stay Amazing!

Episode 51: Jon McLane - Advocate for Vets and the Homeless

Episode 51: Jon McLane - Advocate for Vets and the Homeless

September 13, 2021

Jon McLane is an Army veteran who served 18 months in Iraq. Returning home from his tour he started a family, grew successful businesses and was living the American Dream. But there was still an emptiness he felt. He turned to drugs and eventually became homeless.

But during that time, Jon became a voice, an advocate for the homeless community, especially the veterans. He not only changed his life, but was able to change laws that affected the homeless. He started a tiny house village, became a Pastor, started the Veteran Rescue Mission program and continued his involvement to help veterans in need.

Jon is very active in helping the homeless seek opportunities to get them off the streets. Through his Veteran Work program, the chain of thrift stores he operates and the community connections he has grown, Jon has has helped hundreds of Veterans regain their lives.

His is also the co-host of the Common Good Radio Show on KVOI 1030AM in Tucson showcasing guests who give back to the community. Jon hopes that Veteran Rescue Mission will become a nationwide program to help the many that need help and support.

This is a very emotional and candid conversation that will hopefully inspire you to get involved in Jon's programs. Learn more at


Stay Amazing!

Episode 50: Believing In Yourself with Andres Ruiz

Episode 50: Believing In Yourself with Andres Ruiz

September 9, 2021

Andres Ruiz is a life coach and motivational keynote speaker. His organization, "I Believe In Myself" helps youth build confidence in their potential and build their leadership qualities. Andres listens to his clients and using his own live experiences, offers solutions to the challenges they are facing.

Andres is a man who's mission is to make the world a better place and save lives. We all know someone who is at their wits end and is seeking help. Especially during the past year and a half! This episode will get you inspired to dig deep and transform your life to take advantage of life's opportunities.

You can hear the energy and passion in the powerful messages Andres shares in this episode.

He is also a author of the number one Amazon best seller, "Morning Warrior Secrets". A step-by-step process for health, happiness, and wealth. Andres is also the co-host of a weekly radio show, "Common Good Radio Show" on 1030 AM in Tucson, Arizona.

Learn all about Andres, the Evolving Leaders program, workshops and speaking engagements on his website:


Stay Amazing!

Episode 49: Letitia Frye - Peeling Back the Layers Of Your Life

Episode 49: Letitia Frye - Peeling Back the Layers Of Your Life

September 2, 2021

"Nothing is wrong with the world. It's just my reaction to it." -Letitia Frye -

The past year and a half have been difficult for all of us. Many are re-evaluating their being and awakening to their purpose in life. Some will go to all ends of the earth to find that peace and meaning. Recently, our guest, Letitia Frye went on a journey to Morocco to discover her purpose. To peel back the layers of her life and search her soul for forgiveness and peace.

Letitia is a very successful businesswoman, mother and author of the best selling book and audio book, "No Reserve", where she shares her story on how to live a limitless life. She has had more than her share of surviving through challenges and heartbreaks.

In this conversation Letitia talks about her journey, what she discovered about herself, the choices she made and how a change in perspective awakened her to possibilities in her life.

"Your human experience is all in your mind." - Letitia Frye -

We all have to look at ourselves from the inside out to truly realize who we are and the potential we have to live a life of happiness and peace and find our "home".

"Home lies within me. Home is the divinity that lies within the beating heart of my all too human experience. It cannot be found, only sourced from within. It is where I come from, where I will go, & wherever I am." - Letitia Frye -

Every minute of this episode is insightful, inspirational and meaningful. Letitia is honest in her thoughts and if you listen to only one podcast this month, this is the one to download.


Stay Amazing!

Episode 48: Alberto Esparza - CEO of the Si Se Puede Foundation

Episode 48: Alberto Esparza - CEO of the Si Se Puede Foundation

August 30, 2021

For over 28 years, Alberto Esparza has grown his passion of providing educational opportunities for the under served populations of Arizona. Through his grass roots non-profit organization, the Si Se Puede Foundation, Alberto has been able to scale from small community activities to now having a world class facility filled with tools to help students advance their studies and prepare them for the future.

It wasn't easy for Alberto in the beginning. He devoted all his time and money for a cause he truly believed in.Trying to find sponsors was difficult, but Alberto stayed true to his mission. With his vision and leadership, the Si Se Puede Foundation now provides student scholarships, STEM programs, the number one student robotics program in the country, the She Se Puede program, educational programs, mentorship as well as sports, dance and cultural events to engage the community.

Si Se Puede has been embraced by the community of Chandler Arizona, surrounding cities, the Native American community, the LGBTQ community and has gained support from major corporations and civic leaders. It has changed the lives of over 20,000 youth and community residents.

Alberto is a man of faith and conviction and works hard to ensure his vision is fulfilled for the students he loves. Learn more about Si Se Puede on their website:


Stay Amazing!

Episode 47: Innovative Composer and Musician - Cristina Spinei

Episode 47: Innovative Composer and Musician - Cristina Spinei

August 19, 2021

Today's episode is another in our series of Women In Music. Cristina Spinei (Spin-Ay) is an innovative composer who has written for orchestras, chamber ensembles, ballet groups and artists. Cristina began writing music at a young age and later attended Julliard gaining both Bachelor and Master of Music degrees.

Dance has always played a major part of her life as well. She grew up wanting to be a ballerina, but decided music was a better outlet for her creativity. Cristina describes her music is 'Minimalish'. There is depth and movement in all her music that makes it even more enjoyable to listen to. She loves Latin music and was even nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Always forward thinking, Cristina composed a piece for the Gateway Chamber Orchestra that became the first composition for orchestra available through blockchain as a Non Fungable Token. Something more musicians should look into. Cristina also talks about the importance of musicians to network, creating relationships for future collaborations.

Follow Cristina and see what new adventurous music projects she is involved in through her website:


Stay Amazing!


Episode 46: Nicole Mendoza - Energy Healing and Positrive Vibrations

Episode 46: Nicole Mendoza - Energy Healing and Positrive Vibrations

August 16, 2021

In this special Monday Episode, Nicole Mendoza and I discuss energy healing, positive vibrations, purpose and why you should always listen to your gut!

We talk about the importance of balance. The importance of daily hugs. The importance of self love to live a full life. Creating a positive vibe. The importance of human connection. Yoga, Reiki and much more.

"We are all Masters of Energy. We're just not aware of it."

Our friendship started about a year ago as I was searching for someone new to cut my hair! Nicole did an amazing job and as we talked, I found out how deep and intuitive she was. This is a fun and fascinating conversation with insight on how we as humans can become even more Amazing. We just have to trust the power we have in our inner energy.

If you're in the Tucson, Southern Arizona area and want your hair cut, styled and engage in a great conversation, make an appointment with Nicole:


Stay Amazing!

Episode 45: Tatiana Berman - Violinist, Artist, Producer

Episode 45: Tatiana Berman - Violinist, Artist, Producer

August 12, 2021

Tatiana was born in Russia and excelled in music at some of the most prestigious music schools in Europe. As an accomplished solo violinist, she has been described as “A violinist with a mature compelling musical personality”.

Her mission is to expose classical music and fine arts to a larger audience. Tatiana formed Constella Arts as a creative hub for live performances, festivals, films and music education workshops. Her album project, "Not So Classical", is another outlet to bring classical music to a wider audience.

Tatiana has also been featured in the documentary, "Forte". Three different stories of three female artists working in classical music. Tatiana is also an amazing painter who's art you can see on her website:

in this episode we talk about Tatiana's musical journey, strength in commitment, being a mother to three daughters, what the future holds for Constella Arts and the world of classical music.

"My intention with the creation of Not So Classical is to introduce more people to amazing classical music in a fun, fresh way. I love reaching people who have not been introduced to it in the best way, and perhaps have misconceptions about it."

She certainly has done just that. Bravo!


Stay Amazing!

Episode 44: Joanne McCallie - Coach, Author, Mental Wellness Advocate

Episode 44: Joanne McCallie - Coach, Author, Mental Wellness Advocate

August 5, 2021

Joanne McCallie is a champion on and off the basketball court. In her twenty eight plus seasons as a NCAA Women’s basketball coach, Joanne has racked up over 600 wins and lead her teams to numerous championships. She’s taught loyalty, leadership and empowerment to her players and those around her.

Off the court, Joanne suffered with Bi-Polar disorder. A disease that affects by over nine million other Americans. But through Faith Over Fear, she has been able to persevere and continue her life as a wife, mother and mentor.

In her new book, “Secret Warrior”, she details her mental health journey, the challenges she faced and the help and support she received to recover while still coaching at an elite level.

As she writes in the book, “Coaching is almost Bi-Polar by nature.” And when a mental health issue surfaces, “Your mind takes it’s own path.” The recurring theme if the book is ‘Faith Over Fear’. And she hopes that this book, and now the Kindle version, will help others with mental wellness issues.

Joanne hopes to reach more people by speaking to groups on the issues, being an advocate for mental wellness while still talking about sports and coaching. Purchase her book through Amazon !

To find out more about Coach P. and to book her for a speaking engagement visit her website:


Stay Amazing!

Episode 43: Branding Expert Sarah Justice of Kinda Wonderful

Episode 43: Branding Expert Sarah Justice of Kinda Wonderful

July 29, 2021

There are countless avenues for you to reach your audience with your message. But do you have a strategy on how to maximize your presence?

Are you confused by Branding vs. Marketing?

How do you hire someone to help you with Branding and what are the key elements you need to begin?

Do you need a logo design, or online presence, or a full Branding campaign?

Is simple or detailed design better? How can you tell?

You'll find the answers during this episode!

Sarah Justice is the creative mind behind Kinda Wonderful. Her expertise is in branding, graphic design, marketing and website design. For over 20 years Sarah has helped clients define their brand and build an identity. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. No matter what business you're in, entertainment, entrepreneurship, corporate, non-profit, etc., Sarah is your Branding Strategist.

Sarah has put together a handy logo questionnaire to help you explain your brand and target audience clearly. You can download it here:

Learn more about Sarah's many talents on her site:


Stay Amazing!

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